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You know you'd like a portrait, but don't know how to proceed. The first step...


With the artist, you can come up with a palette and color scheme to set off your beloved pet or human


Your favorite photo says so much. Painting from a photo helps me to see what you see.

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  • ravi Cathy Upjohn 03.10.2013

    I’m so grateful to have Bobby’s portrait of my faithful companion Ravi. It portrays his character, charm, and mischievousness with rich colors and style. I love it! Thank you Bobby!

  • a Frances Nuelle 03.10.2013

    Bobby’s portrait of my chocolate lab who died last year brings me joy every day. I am reminded of what a special dog he was and am grateful that Bobby was able to capture his personality so perfectly!

  • Graciella Meltzer 10.09.2015

    I am thrilled with the way the portrait of my kids turned out. Bobby worked with me every step of the way. It was collaborative yet all Lucy at the same time.

  • Nancy Hower 10.09.2015

    My cat portrait is so realistic that even though my cat is dead, I kept his litter box in case his portrait needs to use it.

  • Ruth Monnig 10.09.2015

    I had Bobby create a portrait of our beloved Tiny Tina Turner for my husband for Father’s Day. He completely captured her inner Diva. Dogs have a personality and Bobby totally gets it.

  • Issa Catto Shaw 10.09.2015

    Bobby Lucy is the James Whistler of pet portraitists. Only a lot more fun.

  • 12 cleo and scooter lo res Marc Solomon 10.09.2015

    Bobby painted an amazing portrait of my two kitties, Cleo and Scooter. Not only did he capture their every physical feature, perfectly, he also nailed their personality and attitude. Bobby’s a genius!

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